Finding a nursery while living in DIFC – Tips

Are you one of the thousands of parents in DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center), looking for a nursery? There is both good and bad news waiting for you. Here a few perks of finding preschools in your area:

Pros of DIFC Preschools:

  • You will have access to high-end and internationally recognized nurseries.
  • You will have many options for finding a suitable nursery in DIFC.
  • You can find a lot of parent’s reviews and recommendations for a nursery.
  • You will have access to after school activities for your children.
  • You can find parent’s groups and unions for a better nursery experience for your child.

Cons of DIFC Preschools:

  • The nursery fees are costly and may require extra tuition.
  • The new competitive environment can be stressful for your child.
  • You and your child may have to face a lot of traffic on a daily basis.
  • Your child may need extra help with the lengthy curriculum.
  • You may be required to put in a lot of extra time into the nursery as a parent volunteer.

What is an EYFS nursery?

You might have heard about EYFS nursery Dubai. The “Early Years Foundation Stages” or EFYS is a standard for childcare institutions, from birth to 05 years old. If you are looking for a nursery in the DIFC area and not sure how to narrow down your search list, then EYFS can provide a good recommendation.

The Early Years Foundation Stage is an educational system to lessen the stress of education from fragile minds. EFYS focuses on play learning techniques and emphasizes on developing skills like socializing, etiquette, and developing reading habits with fun books. The primary themes of the EYFS system are personal, social, language, and emotional development.   

When to start worrying?

If you are thinking about when to start worrying, the answer is never! Worrying will never help in any case. Give yourself and your child some time to adapt to the new environment, and don’t forget to enjoy all the precious moments.

You do not have to worry or get overwhelmed by the long lists of nurseries and their pros and cons. It is important to remember that starting parenthood and starting nursery are both significant steps in life. It may take some time in the beginning, but rest assured that you and your child are going to be okay eventually if you are diligent and determined.

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