Facts About Search Engines

Search engines are also called web engines. These are the places that have different sites on them and you get to search the place to find the best site. In today’s era, we all know that Google is one of the most popular search engines out of the multiple options available. The simple thing is that everything around us has at least a few facts associated with them. And just like that we have come up with some amazing facts about search engine marketing in Abu Dhabi and about the best SEO in Dubai. Check out some mind blowing facts below;

  1. The number of searches is uncountable to you and us but people or the system which runs and watches over the search engine they surely know. And they have given us a number and we seriously don’t know how many zeros are there in that figure. You will be shocked to know that each year there are more than 2 trillion searches to quadrillion searches in a year. And this number keeps increasing as each generation keeps getting better and better by knowing more and more about the tech. but it is best that you know that somewhat exact figures:
  • Google is on top with 4,456,000,000 searches per day
  • Bing is on second number for a very long time with 893,976,000 searches per day
  • Baidu is on the third number with 593,522,000 searches per day
  • Yahoo comes on third sometimes with 543,102,000 searches per day
  • Other search engines like AOL, ASK etc. get different positions from time to time with the searches of 129,472,258 searches per day.
  • There are different ways of approaching the search engine, with a pc, laptop, tablet and mobile and the fact is that mostly search engines are approached with the mobile and that is why people say that they should make a website that should be responsive enough to get stable on a phone.
  • Google has the most shares in the IT sector, it has the 53 percent of the world investing in it and on the second is Yahoo! with 7 percent and Bing with 1 percent.

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