Documents to provide for clearance

When you are going to get something from another country then you have to keep the track of your goods and you have to make sure that everything is going under the legal bracket of your country to avoid any kind of problem. Before you order something from other countries you need to check the rules of your country to know that of the required goods are legal or the importing is legal of those goods or not. When you are importing something then you will not have to get in touch with the ship management companies in Dubai as you have to get the goods from an exported and he has to maintain everything regarding the shipment. When goods will be shipped to your country then you have to show some documents and pay some amount to the custom clearance agent in Dubai in order to get your shipment. Here are the documents you need to show:

Shipping invoice:

When you order something then you will get a receipt of your order and the amount receipt if you paid in advance and then you will get the shipment invoice when the exporter will send your shipment. You have to keep that safe and show that invoice to the clearance agent as they will not clear your shipment until you show then all the documents.

Packing list:

If you have a bigger shipment in one container or box then there is no need of this list but of you have several smaller boxes or containers then you have to show the packing list to the agent and he will get to know about all of your goods and then clear them all in one go otherwise you have to go again and again to get your goods from their office.

Letter of credit:

You need to show the letter of credit or if you are in a contract with the exporter and will be getting more products soon then you will have the letter of contract which you need to show them. If you failed to provide the information then the chances are that you will not get the shipment of yours and you have to arrange these documents for your ease and then you have to keep them safe for future use too because you may be called anytime.

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