What are the findings of research on coffee beans?

Coffee beans contain the same taste of caffeine as other drinks have, so people should use coffee beans instead of other beverages because the caffeine in coffee beans is natural and in other beverage the caffeine is artificially added .On the other hand coffee beans have many natural things which are good for a healthy life. People who are suffering from high blood pressure, heart diseases and from diseases related to lungs must use coffee beans on regular basis in order to make their immune system strong. If you are using coffee beans on regular basis and doing good exercise so there are very less chances for you to be effected by any major disease. So in order to live a healthy life you have to use coffee beans in your diet. If you are using coffee beans on a regular basis and you are a UAE citizen so you can only find fresh coffee beans in Abu Dhabi.

Drinking coffee is a good habit:

A one cup or glass of coffee gives more benefits than a glass of regular water. Coffee is an anti aging drink and it strong your immune system. There are some magical things in coffee which gives you a younger look and make your skin fresh. The research of different scientists of Europe has shown that drinking coffee is a good habit. So as compare to regular water coffee is the best choice. There are many coffee machine suppliers in Dubai in Asia. In Africa Nigeria is well known for its coffee beans.


 50 men and 50 women volunteered themselves for the research. They were divided into two groups. The first group had to drink 200 ml of water per day and the other group had to drink 200 ml of coffee per day. They had done the process for 5 days and after that their blood samples were taken to the laboratories for further conclusions and the scientist found that the group who were drinking coffee has less damage cells as compare to the group who were drinking regular water.

 Research conclusions:

The result of the research has shown that the coffee beans are more beneficial for body instead of regular water. This research is also confirmed by the investigation study on coffee of 2015.another research shows that the neurological disorder in the coffee users is very less as of non-users. Coffee beans not only stop your aging but are good for the regeneration of your dead cells. Due to the presence of antioxidants, coffee beans provide protection to the cells from damage. It also protects collagen fiber present in skin from pollutants. So the result shows that the antibacterial qualities of coffee beans kill bacteria present in skin tooth oral cavity etc. So the scientists promote the use of coffee beans on the basis of research.

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