Quick guide to mystery shopping

The term mystery shopping refers to the idea of hiring people or customers to shop as undercover customers who are mainly there to scrutinize the market rather than actually buy a product like an innocent shopper. Mystery shoppers Dubai are mainly hired by third party organizations to observe and interact with other customers and see what it is really like to be one of them. But before you get started, there must be several questions on your mind, let us address them one by one.

  • Where should be mystery shoppers sent?

Because the main idea is to look around like a customer, thus any place where customers could be found must be the place where mystery shoppers must be sent. It can range from a retail market to an apartment complex all the way to restaurants and anything in between. These are the place where main customers are served and catered to after needs.

  • What is their role and main purpose of hiring?

Mystery shoppers are hired to act as the usual customers and enjoy the experiences like anyone would but the end result of a dinner at a restaurant would be to give a detailed assessment of the place, the business and their employees. It is basically a human data collecting service which will observe behaviour in its natural environment and report the outcomes. Sometimes it’s basic – but important information – such as interaction with the employees and their services. While other times it is more detailed stuff such as cleanliness and personal grooming of the environment.

  • What are the payment situations for mystery shoppers?

This can be a little confusing and also depends varying from services to services provided. Most of the time, most of the mystery shoppers aren’t paid for their hours but rather it depends on the assignments. This basically means if the assignment is about reporting certain services then you will be paid about your valuable feedback but if it is about buying something or paying for food then your money spent on it will be paid for.

There are so many other important things to know about mystery shoppers but these ones are just to get you started. They are extremely helpful services and worth the money which is why everyone should consider this option.

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