How to start an Automobile Repair Garage

If you are a fan of automobiles, the thought of starting a car related business must have crossed your mind. After all, it gives you ground to work on your passion and carry on it. Especially in countries like UAE where auto market is booming; from buying a sports car in Dubai to finding the best car garage in Mussafah, Emirates has really good vehicle utilities. Auto repair garage is a highly successful business, here is how you can start your own repair garage too:

Planning the business

The first and foremost thin you need to do to is to form a basic idea in your mind about the kind of business you will be doing. Once you have that, its time to focus on the scope of your business. You need to think about how much it costs, who are the target customers, what is the profit margin in this business and what is the market rate of the services you intend to offer. Another important part of planning is deciding the name of your business.

Explore different location options

The location of your workplace decides if you will be successful. It is ideal to open store at a street where there are not auto trades like Audi repair garage and independent workshops.  It will give you more customers and clients. Besides, it is better to have a land or property on lease instead of buying or building from scratch.

Handle your legal and tax matters

Once you have finalized your location and property, it is time to make it a legal entity for your business. It gives you a personal leverage, if in any case your car repair gets sued. Moreover, you have to register your business for the applicable state and federal taxes before starting garage. 

Buy equipment and specialize your business

The real of garage will begin when you buy and setup your repair garage, after legal and monetary proceedings. You can either choose to be a general repair garage or become a specialized one. Specialized services include crash repair, engine and repainting.

Hiring the employees

For a specialized repair garage, you need employees that have accomplish the courses of auto skills because inexperienced people cannot handle complex tools and machinery. It is important for you to know about their academics and practical work before hiring them ot they would not give desired results.

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