Facts About Porsche

Some of us are fans of huge and big cars while some of us are the fans of small cars. But there are some people who do want a small car with the features of a big car, if you are one of those people, then we suggest that you look into the Porsche brand.

This is the kind of car that used to be always available in our car toy collection due to its unique design and eye catching colors. This is a brand owned by the Germans and you will be shocked to know the full name of Porsche, it is; Dr. Lng h. c. F Porsche AG and now you know why you did not its name in the first place since it is not only difficult to call it but it is difficult to remember it.

They specifically make sports cars, sedans and SUVs. It was founded in April 25, 1931 and its headquarters is in Stuttgart, Germany and it was founded by Ferdinand Porsche and now you see how it got its name.

Its revenue in 2015 was 21.53 billion euros and it broke the record of Mercedes and BMW as well. if you are about to get a Porsche car, then we suggest that you take a look at the facts below because the more you know the more you will fall in love with this brand and we will also tell the facts about BMW service center in Dubai and Porsche service center in Dubai;

  1. We think that electric and hybrid cars are the invention of today but we thought wrong because the owner of Porsche; Ferdinand Porsche invented the first hybrid and electric car and that was in 1899. It was said to be the safest car because it had breaks on all four wheels and it used a combustion motor that worked as a generator and it was called The Lohner Porsche and Semper Virus.
  2. Like we said some people like small cars and if you put huge and latest cars on the race track with a Porsche, a Porsche will win because Ferdinand believed that smaller cars could win more races and that turned out to be a fact.
  3. The very first Beetle was invented in Ferdinand home.

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