Facts About Oil

Oil is the kind of thing that has become the need of the era. There is pretty much everything that depends upon oil. You can see the vehicles, they are on fuel or you can say oil and if there was no oil, you can say the world would stop.

Since people will not be going to their jobs early since we are used to travelling fast via cars. You can see big industries that use oil to operate and if those industries stop if there was no oil like the industries that make asprin then how do you think your headache will ever go away.

The scientists and researchers say that the world war three will start if the countries who supply oil and they all of a sudden stop to give oil. The funny part is that there are memes regarding oil where a person says that he or she has oily skin and a pop up on the phone says, the America wants to know about your location so that they can get oil off of you.

There are different facts about oil that you should know and these facts are tipped to us by manufacturers of low bed trailers who use oil storage terminals, so keep reading to know more;

  1. The word petroleum comes from a Greek word that means rock oil and the word breaks down to petra means rock and oleum means oil.
  2. Crude oil is the mother of all oils.
  3. Crude oil is most expensive oil in the world.
  4. Crude oil is used to make gasoline, fabrics, plastics and even some pharmas.
  5. We think that our country uses much oil but the United State uses 50 percent of the oil in their cars and different means of vehicles.
  6. The United States has some oil as well and that can be found in Taxes and they have kept the reserves of 5 billion oil barrels.
  7. The good news for Americans is that they don’t need to invade other countries for oil, all you need to know is that Gulf of Mexico and California has much crude oil.
  8. And they have the reserve of 42 million gallons of crude oil.
  9. In 2009, the United States used 51 percent of their oil and that is one percent higher than the regular stat and there was a near about pandemic in the country.

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